Yingcheng lee tsui gypsum mining co., LTD

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Contacts :Mao Dangsheng(The general manager)

Jiang-tao li(Sales vice President)13907293166

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    Yingcheng lee tsui gypsum mining co., LTD production base of nozzle gypsum mine is located in lee“Paste all of all”—— Hubei yingcheng lee tsui village, north office,Gypsum resources,Are of good quality,Convenient transportation。River water by a rich water into the Yangtze river to all over at home and abroad;Originating from yingcheng station of railway transportation;Highway transportation can be made across YingCheng Wu Jing highways and han should be wire transferred to all parts of the country。

    Yingcheng lee tsui gypsum mining limited liability company mining area is located in the Zhang Jiagang——Sheng home beach ore block of xiejiawan field,Inland lake deposition,For the secondary fiber gypsum、Argillaceous gypsum and the original curt of gypsum deposit。Products for fiber gypsum and argillaceous gypsum,I mine fibre gypsumCaSO4.2H2OFor98.42%,SO3Greater than46%,Clay plasterCaSO4.2H2OFor69.17%,SO3Content30%The left and right sides。Mining area3.09Square kilometers、Geological storage12The ore body(Cream group),Which part of white paste paste group monolayer thickness30㎝,Total thickness60㎝The left and right sides,Recoverable reserves and production scale of the higher level in the same industry。